Why Cape Fear Academy?

Cape Fear Academy offers a nurturing, close-knit learning community in which each student is truly known and respected. You can be different and still be accepted here. In this inclusive and caring family atmosphere, talented faculty partner with parents to provide a vibrant continuum of communication and care throughout each student’s CFA career. Why not CFA?

Based on mutual trust and respect, strong student-teacher relationships foster accountability and instill a desire to excel.

Education That Delivers Measurable Results

80% Accepted To Their First Choice School
100% College Acceptance
9:1 Student : Teacher Ratio

Average Cape Fear Academy SAT scores exceed local, state and national levels.

Cape Fear Academy



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There is no better investment in your child’s future than a CFA education. The proof is demonstrated daily in the performance of our students and in the lives of successful CFA alumni around the world.

Options for individualized and accelerated learning from PK through Upper School AP Classes position students for the best possible colleges and careers. The dynamic multi-faceted curriculum develops the executive functioning and higher order thinking skills that are a hallmark of a CFA student. Top SAT and AP test scores and an exceptional college planning and placement program result in 4 out of 5 graduates earning acceptance to their first-choice college, including many of the nation’s top colleges and universities where our alumni also graduate at higher rates than their peers.

Our Mission

Cape Fear Academy is a learning community committed to discovering and developing individual potential, preparing each student for success in college and life.

A long tradition of high academic standards is upheld by a highly supportive learning environment in which a skilled and caring faculty prepare students for success by challenging them to reach higher, try harder and go further. The CFA experience forges capable young adults with the skills, confidence and resilience to take risks, solve problems and overcome challenges.

Our Core Principles

Our Strategic Plan

Our thanks to the Strategic Plan Committee who led in the creation of our Strategic Plan and the members of our community who served on the Goals Committees.
Vision 2018: CFA will be a diverse community of learners widely recognized for their academic excellence, strength of character, and global awareness.

Academic Excellence

By 2018 Cape Fear Academy will be a school where all students discover & develop academic passions and excel at critical thinking & communication skills required for success in a globally connected world.

Strategic Agenda | Within the next five years:
Students will significantly build their capacity for critical thinking & communicating through a clearly articulated, well-coordinated program. Students in all divisions will have opportunities to engage in meaningful global learning experiences. Teachers will demonstrate increased capacity to engage and teach a broad range of learners. CFA will continue to explore, fund & implement technology that helps students achieve learning outcomes most vital to success in college & life.

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Strengthen Character

By 2018, Cape Fear Academy will be a diverse community with a campus culture that reflects the best of the human spirit in beliefs, actions, and relationships.

Strategic Agenda | Within the next five years:
Students will demonstrate growth in the qualities of admirable character. CFA will build its capacity to develop outstanding leaders. CFA will develop relationships with organizations that provide students significant service learning opportunities in local & global communities. CFA will increase diversity among its Board of Trustees, administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

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Regional Reputation

By 2018, Cape Fear Academy will be regarded as the undisputed regional leader in PK-12 educational excellence.

Strategic Agenda | Within the next five years:
CFA will define its ideal brand position to drive competitive advantage and will create messages that inspire internal audiences and resonate with external audiences in a compelling way. CFA will develop, fund, and implement a marketing communications plan that increases awareness among current market segments and builds awareness in new market segments. CFA’s Board of Trustees, parents, teachers, administrators, students, alumni, and friends will be strong and active enrollment ambassadors within their own circles of influence and among prospective families. CFA will increase the number & quality of relationships among referral sources such as educational consultants, medical professionals, & early childhood learning centers. CFA’s alumni will be connected with and engaged in supporting the school’s mission and vision.

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Sustainable Finances

By 2018, Cape Fear Academy’s financial future will be increasingly secure.

Strategic Agenda | Within the next five years:
CFA will retain current students & attract mission appropriate and diverse students from the region to meet enrollment goals. CFA will explore and implement feasible non-tuition revenue sources. CFA will cultivate a culture of philanthropy among its constituencies. CFA will actively seek community and peer partnerships that enhance the school. CFA will assess the feasibility of a capital campaign for endowment or other purposes.

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