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Academics - Lower School

"I love school, and I love my teachers!  I have friends. I learn lots of cool stuff!"

As a parent, these words mean everything, and these are the sentiments my son has shared with me since we both joined CFA in August 2013.  Since that time, I have come to know, first hand as a parent of a Lower Schooler,  what Cape Fear Academy is all about. It's about teachers who nurture, students who are kind and inquisitive, and high academic standards. CFA's reputation for excellence is well-grounded in the daily activities and instruction that encourages each child's social, emotional, and academic growth.  Schoolwide programs such as Lucy Calkins' Readers and Writers Workshop from Columbia University ensure that instruction in core subjects reflects best practice and is consistent over time.  

As parents, we have many choices in how we educate our young children.  CFA stands out in its ability to guide each student to be his or her own unique, best self.  Our students learn and grow daily from the exceptional academic delivery during their most formative years, and they reap the benefits of this foundation for life.  If I had to choose one aspect of CFA to highlight, it would be that at CFA it's cool to work hard.  Our students thrive in an atmosphere of high expectations, ample support, and abundant opportunities.

In a time of large class sizes and oppressive standardized testing, CFA breaks the mold.  Our outstanding teachers are able to capitalize on small class size to design and facilitate exceptional content delivery.  Numerous field trips, captivating guest speakers, and talented Specialists in Art, Music, Spanish, PE, Drama, and technology assure that our students are given every opportunity to experience the very best that our school and region have to offer.

Please visit us on campus to learn more about this very special school.  I'd be delighted to talk with you about how your child, like mine, would thrive here.  

Warm regards,

Susan Boyer

Lower School Director