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Academics - Lower School

In Lower School, many of the learning experiences are interdisciplinary, and class formats combine teacher-directed lessons with interactive group work to develop collaboration and problem solving skills.  One of the academic hallmarks of our Lower School is the intentional weaving of innovative, creative, dynamic lessons and projects with some essential, traditional, "rote" learning such as those needed to develop foundations with number facts and grammar mechanisms.  Technology is used as a tool for learning as students use Smartboards¢ī, handheld response devices, IPads¢ī, IPod Touch¢ī devices, laptops, and MindStorm¢ī robots.  

Classes in art, music, library, physical education, and Spanish provide students with opportunities to expand and investigate other areas of the curriculum. Field trips that range from touring historic sites and museums to exploring salt marshes are a regular feature of the Lower School curriculum.