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College Guidance Program

Cape Fear Academy provides a comprehensive program to guide Upper School students in making informed choices as they navigate the application process for four-year colleges and universities. Our Academic Profile contains Cape Fear Academy's average scores as well as the colleges and universities to which our students are accepted.

8th Grade Class Selection Seminar

Each spring, the Director of College Planning reviews curriculum options and expectations of Cape Fear Academy's Upper School with all 8th grade students. They are counseled on the coming year's course selection, and the college admissions process is explained.  Students then collaborate with the Director of College Planning to create their own four-year plan of courses. 

Meetings for Scheduling Classes

Each student in the Upper School meets individually with the Director of College Planning to plan the upcoming schedule as well as discuss the PSAT scores and college/career goals.  This occurs in February and March each year.

Freshman Introduction to College Night

The Director of College Planning, along with a representative from College Foundation of North Carolina, reviews the college admissions process and how 9th graders can prepare. 

Sophomore College Trip / Sophomore and Junior College Night

A 3-day college trip for the sophomore class highlights 5 colleges of diverse environments. The trip helps sophomores identify several different types of colleges - large, small, private, public, large city, and small town.  The trip assists students in determining a good fit as they begin thinking about college selection.  Recent trips have included visits to Wake Forest University, Virginia Tech, Washington & Lee, James Madison University, University of Richmond, University of North Carolina, University of South Carolina, Furman University, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Emory University.  College night for sophomores and juniors is hosted by the Director of College Planning and a college admissions' representative.  Students and parents are given information on the criteria for college acceptance from the admissions viewpoint, along with information from Cape Fear Academy, to enhance a student's transcript and résumé.

Senior College Night

This evening is an opportunity for students and parents to hear college admissions representatives offer their perspectives on admissions practices and policies.  The Director of College Planning also reviews how to visit a college, terms and definitions, standardized tests, and what colleges seek in their applicants.  Nuts and bolts of the application process are discussed. 

Junior Spring Meetings

All juniors and their parents meet individually with the Director of College Planning to discuss their plans for college searches which is scheduled after a general evening meeting for all parents and students.

Financial Aid Night

Parents are invited to an evening program to receive information on navigating the financial aid process for college.  The Director of College Planning, as well as the representative from College Foundation of North Carolina, share information on filing the FAFSA, deadlines, and other important aspects relating to financial aid.

PSAT/SAT Preparation and Score Interpretations

The PSAT is given to all students in ninth through eleventh grades in October.  Individual meetings are scheduled with parents and students to discuss the scores and the implications for future course selection and SAT success. 

College Application Process

Each student is given a college admissions folder as they begin this process. The sections include:  Program Overview, Timeline and Testing Information, College Search Process, Application and Admissions Process, Financial Aid/Scholarships, Writing the College Essay, Glossary of Terms, and websites of interest.

College / Scholarship / Opportunities Newsletter

A bi-weekly newsletter is provided electronically to inform seniors and parents of scholarship opportunities, as well as information with regard to college visits, SAT / ACT dates, and other information about the college application process.   

Included in the weekly newsletter, which is sent to all parents and students in grades 9 through 11, is information on summer opportunities, as well as academic opportunities throughout the school year.  The College Planning office hosts extensive material and information about college summer programs, including science and math programs, specialty programs such as marine biology and instrumental music, sports camps, and college simulation experiences.

Additional opportunities and resources

The College Planning Resource Room has a library of catalogs, viewbooks, and videos, as well as applications, scholarship information, and laptop computers which may be used by or checked out to students and parents.

Representatives from college admissions offices visit the Cape Fear Academy campus throughout the year.  The College Planning Office coordinates tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade student visits with these admissions officers.

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