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Mission & Core Beliefs


CFA is a learning community committed to discovering and developing individual potential, preparing each student for success in college and life.

Core Principles

CHARACTER - Integrity, Respect, Resilience, Accountability
Cape Fear Academy believes that strength of character is an essential element of success. We foster individuals who make good decisions, respect and empathize with others, deal with challenges successfully, deliver on their commitments, and are accountable for their actions.

Cape Fear Academy believes that students thrive in a close-knit community that both nurtures and challenges the individual. We value personal connections and service to others, build supportive relationships, and celebrate diverse talents, perspectives, and backgrounds.

Cape Fear Academy believes that participating in a broad range of opportunities stimulates personal growth. We develop the whole child by encouraging participation in athletics, arts, and other extracurricular activities. We challenge students to discover and develop their passions and strengths by providing a wealth of opportunities both in and outside the classroom.

Cape Fear Academy believes that our graduates will face an increasingly competitive, rapidly evolving world. We prepare our students by teaching them to think critically and creatively, communicate and collaborate effectively, achieve technological fluency, and become engaged members of our global society. We set high academic expectations and provide a path to success through diverse teaching methods and dynamic learning experiences.