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Student Government - Middle School

Student leadership is strongly emphasized through the Middle School Student Government Association. The MSSGA includes the following officers: 

President (8th grader): The MSSGA President will lead each MSSGA meeting with dignity and order, delegate responsibilities appropriately, see that all business is carried out successfully, and represent the school at functions, as needed.  This person will take lead communicating MSSGA goals to MS Director and Headmaster. The candidate running for President should understand the MSSGA's purpose and expectations.  The President must have the oral communication skills to run each meeting and should demonstrate excellent leadership skills.  

Vice President (7th or 8th grader):  This position is very similar to the President.  It requires an outstanding amount of student leadership.  The Vice President is second in command, behind the President, and will run meetings if the President is unable to do so.  

Secretary (6th, 7th, or 8th grader):  This person is in charge of taking notes at the MSSGA meetings.  This person is also in charge of relaying the following information: meeting dates, plans, making a contact list for all members, taking attendance, organizing workers to sell dance tickets, and is in charge of public relations for the MSSGA.  This position requires excellent note taking and organization skills.

Treasurer (6th, 7th, or 8th grader):  The Treasurer is in charge of keeping track of the MSSGA budget.  This includes, informing the MSSGA of how much money they've spent and raised. This position requires a great deal of time working with the secretary.  The treasurer who holds our money, has great organizational skills and is good with money.  

Sixth and Seventh Grade Class Presidents: The class president is in charge of arranging meetings with the MSSGA advisor and organizing events.  They are the key voice for their grade level.  They should represent their interest, views, and concerns.

Class Representatives:  This position is open for anyone.  Students will be nominated through their advisory.  We will have one class representative per advisory. This position is also open for those who ran for another position, but didn't get the position they wanted.  MSSGA meetings will be held during lunch, so those interested should be available for bi-weekly meetings at this time.

These officers lead the student body by coordinating service projects, raising money for specific organizations, and creating social events and fun activities for the middle school to enjoy.