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Student Life - Middle School

While Middle Schoolers are continually "testing" for new limits, they correspondingly must have definite and communicated boundaries that provide safety as this transition in integrity occurs. Individual attention, recognition of positive decisions, consequences for problem behaviors, and guidance in many forms help these students navigate each day. Middle School faculty members are fundamental to this, serving as advisors and mentors. Each student is part of a small advisory group led by a faculty member.  These groups have a weekly meeting time to get together and talk about topics ranging from study skills and social concerns to service projects.  Service projects are an integral part of the character education program as community service is an essential component of the CFA mission.

Additionally, all CFA Middle Schoolers also make a formal commitment to the Honor Pledge: We pledge to live our lives at Cape Fear Academy as responsible persons, whose word is our bond, whose work is always our own, and around whom the well-being and property of others is safe.  As a member of the Cape Fear Academy community of learners, we pledge our commitment to respect, integrity, academic excellence, and service to others.

Our objective is that students will leave the eighth grade with respect for themselves and one another, a willingness to accept personal responsibility, and the integrity to make honest decisions about their academic and personal lives.

Middle School is a time of great excitement, exploration, and change. Students are encouraged to expand their horizons and seek out new areas of interest with a supportive community to guide and instruct them as they grow.  A hallmark of the Middle School is the fall outdoor education overnight trips.  Within the first month of school, all 6th and 8th grade students go on a 3- to 4-day trip which emphasizes team-building, the development of trust, and the development of appropriate risk taking. Students stay in cabins and work in teams with the usual outcome being increased camaraderie and positive social relationships.

Middle School Highlights

An 8-period day consisting of math, science, social studies, English, literature, Spanish and two elective choices: a full year of chorus or band and a choice of semester long courses in art, computer application, physical education, theater arts, video production and/or study hall in 7th and 8th grade

90 minutes of instruction in reading and writing providing opportunities to develop critical skills in reading comprehension and written expression

The most rigorous math offerings with all 8th grade students completing Algebra 1 and/or Geometry.  This scope and sequence of math culminates with our high school students receiving AP scores on math exams that far exceed state and national averages.

A daily schedule that is developmentally appropriate providing a 45-minute lunch/play/social time and 15- minute morning snack/stretch/chat break

An after-school intramural sports program in 6th-8th grade

Interscholastic athletic opportunities in 7th and 8th grade where 92% of students participate

An advisory program closely connecting each student to a teacher-advisor for their 3 years in middle school

A Counselor and a Dean of Students who assist families on a daily basis as they navigate preadolescence

A Math Lab and Center for Writing and Reasoning to provide students with one-on-one assistance when preparing for tests, writing essays, producing projects, and polishing skills

A character education program woven into students' daily lives in order to instill healthy values when interacting with their teachers and peers

A student body whose members will all attend college

A culture and atmosphere of respect, integrity, and academic excellence where each student discovers the joy in hard work, participation, and success