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Arts - Video Production

The Upper School offers two Video Production elective classes, Video 1 and Video 2. Students learn how to storyboard, shoot and edit their own music videos, commercials and short films.  They also complete an array of assignments that utilize film industry standard practices as well as introducing critical understandings of the ever-growing world of Video Literacy.

During production, students scout locations, on and off campus, utilize drama department students as actors for their projects and learn to use standard definition cameras, motion picture lighting and audio equipment to make their projects look and sound as professional as possible. Projects are finished using professional level software to edit and master their footage into final films. In tandem with making their own projects, students watch and analyze the films of mainstream and independent filmmakers, study the structure of a scene, technically and thematically as well as studying how professional filmmakers create their work and how their practices can be used within the classroom.

The Video 1 class gives students the basic skills to be able to create their own projects from pre-production through the production of a final project.  Video 2 takes things one step further and exposes students to a higher set of standards within the realm of video. The class includes lectures by local film industry professionals, similar to a college or film school setting, as well as allowing students to work on creating their own Movie Trailers, Short Films and artistic assignments utilizing advanced camera and editing techniques to create unique pieces of video.

Video production also works in collaboration with other departments in the school. Most recently the Center for Writing and Reasoning commissioned two eighth-grade Video Production classes to write and shoot a collection of one-minute long commercials promoting the Center for their website.

In-school collaborations include a history documentary for the National History Day and the creation of a video segment for a DVD to accompany the yearbook, in conjunction with the Publications class.  As part of a community service project, Video Production students have taken part in the making of an anti-bullying video sponsored by the local YWCA that was shown at county public schools and on the local public access television station.

Past Video Production students have submitted films and music videos to nationwide competitions and last year won first and second place at two local festivals. Video students have gone on to attend NYU for film, as well as attending the New York Film Academy summer intensive workshops in Los Angeles.

Middle School students may also take a one-semester beginning class in video production as one of their electives.