Cape Fear Academy believes that a diverse and inclusive community is an essential element of a successful educational experience. Diversity strengthens a community by cultivating a richness of ideas, a broadening of perspectives, and a respect for others. We are committed to building and sustaining a faculty, student body, and school culture which reflect the variety of talents, perspectives and backgrounds in the greater community around us. In doing so, we prepare our students to thrive in a complex and ever-changing world.

-Adopted by the Cape Fear Academy Board of Trustees, Jan. 2019

The Benefits of a Diverse & Inclusive School

Our commitment to developing a diverse and inclusive community is an ongoing element of our work to be a school of excellence. Cape Fear Academy’s commitment to cultivating diversity and fostering inclusion is grounded in decades of research that these efforts promote:

Academic Excellence

All students develop strong critical thinking skills by engaging with diverse perspectives and ideas.

Diverse perspectives introduce new ideas, thereby nurturing creativity and innovation.


Reaching and maintaining full enrollment can be achieved by attracting and retaining students from diverse backgrounds throughout the greater Wilmington area, thereby securing the school’s long-term financial health.

An inclusive workplace attracts, develops and retains talented faculty and staff, positioning the school as the local employer of choice among educators.


An inclusive environment creates a secure and affirming educational experience and enables students and staff to succeed.

Cross-cultural learning environments prepare students for college and life, as they learn to navigate differences with respect, develop resilience, communicate with integrity, and take accountability for their choices.

Committee for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI)

CDI Chair Don Berger (Head of School)

CDI Chair Carla Whitwell (Middle School Director)

CDI Chair Stephanie Medcalfe (Lower School Division Director)

Kwabene Williams (LS/US Spanish Faculty)

Mallory Tarses (US English Faculty)

Justine Worthington (College Counseling)

Ben Currin (Alumni)

Chris Fikry (Parent)

Jessica Whitney (Parent)

Emily Garriott (Parent)

Kent Guion (Parent)

Jean Keller (Parent)

David Sprunt (Parent, Board Trustee)

Matt Scharf (Parent, Board Trustee)

Janet Tucker (Former Parent)

Tobi Ragon (MS/US Counselor)

Caryn Boland (HR Director)

Olivia Tucker (Alumni)


  • Strengthen Cape Fear Academy’s culture of respect through developing plans for helping our community become a more diverse and inclusive school.
  • Hire a diversity and inclusion expert to guide the committee through its work. 
  • Understanding our school’s situation and needs.
  • Developing plans that the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff and CFA Family Partnership will execute.

  • Spreading positive messages about our work and its importance throughout the community.