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Singing With Spirit and Skill

Singing With Spirit and Skill

Cape Fear Academy's choir program provides a nurturing environment for talented and enthusiastic student musicians. Under the guidance of choir director Alexa Skelly, the program has witnessed significant accomplishments and fostered a sense of community and excellence among its student musicians.

CFA Choir at Music in the Parks Festival

One notable addition to the music department was the establishment of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Alexa Skelly, who previously experienced the benefits of such a society at another school, recognized the importance of honoring students’ combination of academic and musical excellence. The Honor Society also serves as a platform for band and chorus students to come together, showcasing their talents and fostering collaboration. Skelly shared, "We can work on things together in the community. It's really cool that we both love music, even though our instruments are different."

The choir program also actively supports CFA’s theater program. Every year students develop their skills and resilience through rehearsals and performances in the Middle School and Upper School musicals. The March 2023 Upper School's production of "Into the Woods" at historic Thalian Hall presented unique challenges, but the students persevered, impressing the audience with their artistry. Skelly commended their dedication, saying, "They did a beautiful job. It was so artistic to watch and listen to."

The closing ensemble scene from 'Into the Woods"

The choir program's achievements extended beyond the school's walls with their participation in the Busch Gardens Music in the Parks Festival. Despite challenging weather conditions, Cape Fear Academy's students exemplified outstanding behavior and musicianship. Their dedication earned them the prestigious Esprit de Corps Award, which recognizes schools' overall presentation and support for other participants. Skelly expressed her excitement, saying, "Our students deserved every bit of that award." Moreover, the Middle School choir secured first place in their division, while the Upper School choir, despite missing several members, impressed the judges and secured a commendable second place.

Cape Fear Academy's choir program exemplifies the school's commitment to excellence in the arts. The many achievements of the past year reflect the dedication and passion of the students, choir director Alexa Skelly, and the entire Cape Fear Academy community.

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