Chinese International Exchange Program
The International Exchange Program at Cape Fear Academy provides overseas students the opportunity to study alongside American students in the independent educational system, to graduate with a Grade 12 diploma, and to experience the American culture.

By integrating international students into Cape Fear Academy’s Upper School, students interact and learn from each other. This creates a diverse student environment, increases multicultural understanding, and strengthens ties between countries. Presently, the International Exchange Program is recruiting Chinese students through New Oasis International and Three W International. For more information, read the information below:

New Oasis Contact:

Bella Xia

New Oasis Program Information

Three W International Contacts:

Alex Spence

Cape Fear Academy Chinese Student Information
Three W International Contact Information

“CFA helped me adjust on many levels, socially, academically, and athletically. Teachers do a great job making sure you are ready, and prepared to take on the year, students provide a fun social experience, and the athletics in general are such a competitive and fun environment for any sport.”
“My host family is more than generous and has become almost legitimate second parents to mine. They are about you like you’re their own child and will make sure you are kept healthy.” 

“Words of wisdom would be: be confident, and feel free to express yourself and your differences because if you’re not yourself, and you don’t share these international differences then you’re not significant to the improvement and diversity of the CFA community.”