As part of Cape Fear Academy’s mission to develop individual potential and prepare students for success in college and life, we strive to make our exceptional educational experience available to talented, motivated students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Please contact us; we look forward to partnering with you to select your best options for this important educational investment.

An Investment With Lifelong Rewards

“CFA is the best investment we ever made.” – father of a current CFA student and two graduates It’s never too soon to invest in an educational experience that changes the trajectory of your child’s life — developing intellect and character, and inspiring respect, integrity, resilience, and accountability. Those results make this investment invaluable: ranging from preschoolers who read early and reason mathematically to alumni who lead and innovate in careers and communities. Come see for yourself what generations of CFA families have found: we help students reach their full potential. “I appreciate the personal attention, deep relationships and small class size.” -Alumna and mother of 4 CFA students


Finding the Plan That Best Suits You

One Pay Plan: requires a deposit of $750, with the balance payable by June 15. This plan is available for current students until June 15, and for new students who enroll after that date. Tuition Refund Insurance (TRP) is optional, but available at additional cost and is recommended. Two Pay Plan: requires a deposit of $750 and two payments: the first by June 15, and the final by November 15. TRP is required. Monthly Plan: requires a $750 deposit, with the balance paid monthly by bank draft in 12 payments from April to March. Tuition and fees are to be paid in full by March 31, regardless of when the monthly payments begin. TRP is required. Click HERE for information on Tuition Refund Plan (TRP)


Need-based Grants

In support of developing a diverse and inclusive community, we consider financial assistance applications from qualified K-12 students who otherwise would be unable to enroll. We are committed to work hard on affordability issues for families who share our goal of reaching the full potential of each child and who seek to contribute positively to the life of our school community. Grants are CFA-funded awards to students who need financial assistance. Click HERE for information about the process, qualifications, and criteria for CFA’s financial grants program for grades K-12.

CFA’s families include those who can pay full tuition plus contribute to the Annual Fund, as well as those who require assistance to make enrollment affordable. No matter where one is in that range, no one really pays full cost of a CFA education, because the cost of that excellence exceeds even our top tuition. However, generous donations make up the difference, affirming our community’s investment in the value of our school. Whether you have questions about costs or benefits, please speak with us. Our story doesn’t stop with numbers, and your child’s doesn’t have to either.

Tuition for 2021/2022:

LE and K: $12,650

1st and 2nd: $15,300

3rd-5th: $17,375

6th-8th: $19,350

9th-12th: $20,200


Included in Tuition:

Required class trips and senior class Outward Bound, athletic team and performing arts travel, special materials, textbooks (Lower School only), reading and math specialists for Lower School, and math and writing labs for Middle and Upper School.

Not Included in Tuition:

Lunch, contracted tutoring or transportation services, personal student supplies, textbooks (grades 6-12 only), the cost for optional activities, trips, and/or purchases, and the one-time Capital Assessment Fee. Upon initial enrollment, each student is assessed $2,500, paid over three or four years, depending on grade at entry. The maximum assessment per family is $5,000.

Optional Services:

  • Lunch
  • Shuttle
  • Before/After-School Care
  • Learning Skills Program
  • Private Music Instruction