Why We Chose CFA

Our Differentiators

  • A rigorous curriculum proven to prepare students for each stage of education and life,
  • Highly regarded faculty and staff who are widely recognized for their expertise,
  • Relationships fostered by a low faculty/student ratio so students are known and their individual potential developed,
  • An emphasis on developing superior oral and written communication, and
  • Opportunities in STEM at every division level.
  • Embedding our core values into our curriculum and daily actions,
  • Fostering a culture of inclusivity and care for others,
  • Valuing diverse perspectives and backgrounds across our student, faculty and staff, and parent community,
  • Students who are given increasingly more freedom and responsibility and held accountable for their actions, and
  • A supportive atmosphere where students learn to advocate for themselves and grow through their challenges and successes.
  • Engaging academic experiences that go beyond the classroom,
  • An emphasis on developing confident leaders and public speakers,
  • Excellence across our performance and fine arts programs,
  • Excellence across our sports programs, and
  • Diverse extracurricular offerings to engage a wide range of passions, skills and talents.
  • A growing community blending local, national and international students and families,
  • A culture of philanthropy,
  • A vibrant Family Partnership whose efforts enrich and expand the CFA experience,
  • State-of-the-art facilities,
  • An environment where students are physically and emotionally safe, and
  • A perpetual energy to advance and excel.

Portrait of a Graduate