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Students performing on stage

Supported by our talented and dedicated faculty, Cape Fear Academy’s award-winning Fine Arts Department provides its students with a myriad of artistic opportunities to foster their passion for the arts.

Students not only have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a single art form but also to develop their talents with a rich array of options.

Students on stage for a performance
student working on a technical project
  • 100% of students in PreK through 6th grade and more than 60% of students in 7th-12th grades participate in the arts
  • The Erin E. McNeill Fine Arts Center contains the 625-seat Brown Family Theatre, 2 arts studios, 2 music rooms, and the Benedict Fancy Set Design Workshop
Quote 1

The arts program is really important to me, and I think CFA does a great job incorporating everyone into the arts in some way from singing in chorus to acting on stage to the visual arts. 

Aurelia, Class of 2023

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From our Littlest Explorers in the Lower School to our Seniors in the Upper School, students at CFA can be involved in our award-winning Fine Arts Department programs. From the performing arts to the visual and media arts, CFA offers a comprehensive arts education."

Alexa Skelly, Chorus Director

Quote 3

The fine arts community at Cape Fear Academy is comprised of people who are also involved in a million other things around campus, from future collegiate athletes to people on the robotics team, but we all come together as a fine arts community to create these amazing productions.

William, Class of 2021

Fine Arts at Cape Fear Academy

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