IMG_9800Cape Fear Academy offers chorus in Middle School and Upper School.  The 6th Grade Chorus, the 7th/8th Grade Chorus and the Upper School Vocal Ensemble all perform at Holiday Concerts, Spring Concerts, throughout the year at in-house assembly programs and for special events on and off-campus.  Students in the choral program learn many styles of music, healthy vocal techniques, music history and music theory skills (including units in guitar, ukulele and keyboard skills).  Upper School Vocal Ensemble students participate in master classes and statewide competitions.

Sixth Grade Chorus

The Sixth Grade Chorus is one of the music classes offered to sixth graders as a full year course. Those who choose Sixth Grade Chorus learn to sing with healthy vocal technique, use solfege (Do, Re, Mi) and read music. Students gain an appreciation of cultural music and study musical styles from classical to Broadway. Sixth grade students learn to be respectful performers, responsible learners, and active participants in chorus. Performances throughout the year include school assemblies, the annual All-School Holiday Concert, a Broadway style musical, and the Sixth Grade Spring Concert.

Middle School Chorus

Middle School Chorus is an elective class designed for students with successful previous choral experience. Instruction focuses on the further development of musical knowledge and musicianship skills. Students learn to sing two and three part harmonies with healthy vocal techniques. An emphasis is placed on vocal assessment and preparation for further participation in musical ensembles. In addition to formal concerts, students will also share their love of the arts through a performance in a Broadway musical. This is a full-year class that includes school and evening performances.

Upper School Vocal Ensemble

The goal of Upper School Vocal Ensemble is to enhance the abilities and talents of students in order to learn and perform music in varying styles and periods so they may learn the disciplines of musicianship. Students learn many styles of music as a member of a large group with the common goal of success in performing quality repertoire. The choral curriculum will focus on areas of tone development, articulation, style, written and aural theory, music history, timbre, tone color, elements of music, forms of music, and the interpretation and discrimination of music through the learning and performance of high quality choral literature. Performances throughout the year include National Honor Society inductions, Cape Fear Academy Open Houses, The Annual Holiday Concert, assemblies, the Upper School Musical, the Spring Concert, community performances and Commencement.