More than Words, Ep. 13

Sketchnoting I have a friend who is really into sketchnoting. At first glance, I made the assumption that she just loved to doodle and loved having a pretty notebook. I also sometimes wondered if she was really paying attention during meetings. Then one day I asked her why she spent so...
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More than Words Ep. 12

Loud Voices This past week, a teacher and I discussed the frustration she was having managing the voices of a few students in her classroom. Her biggest fear was missing out on the important things that her more introverted and quiet students had to say. We brainstormed ideas by which a...
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CFA Robotics Team Launches

Mind Over Metal Momentum is building for Cape Fear Academy’s newest team—the Mind Over Metal Robotics Team led by Upper School computer science teacher Carr Fullagar (CFA Class of 2002). Founded last year with a few students interested in robotics, the team now boasts around 20 members, a custom-built robot, and...
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