1:1 Laptop Program Introduced

At Cape Fear Academy, we understand that technology plays an essential role in engaging students in the learning process and preparing them to live and work in the 21st century.  This is why we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our 1:1 laptop program. Starting in the fall of 2013, every student in grades 3-12 will have access to a laptop every day in class.

In Middle and Upper School, students will have the option of bringing their own laptop or using one that belongs to CFA. All Middle and Upper School students will be allowed to take the school-owned laptops home at the end of the school day. Upper and Middle School families whose children use a school netbook will have the option of purchasing accidental protection coverage for $50 per year.  

In Lower School, each classroom in grades 3-5 will be equipped with a set of laptops for student use in class each day.  Unlike in Middle and Upper School, the Lower School laptops will remain on campus at the end of the school day.
Please note that there will be no additional cost to parents other than the optional insurance.  We are funding this through technology cuts and the re-prioritization of already-budgeted technology purchases.
CFA is taking this important step because we understand that in a 1:1 laptop environment, technology can empower students to assume more active roles in their learning, transforming them from recipients of knowledge into researchers, writers, problem-solvers, creators, and designers.  Additionally, in a 1:1 setting, teachers can employ online tools and software resources to help students develop academic skills on an individualized basis, meeting each learner where she or he is and helping that individual find success.  The 1:1 setting also offers exciting opportunities for collaboration, both within and outside the classroom walls, engaging students in learning activities that require them to develop the communication skills that will be so essential to their future success in a globally connected world. Through expanding our 1:1 laptop program to reach all students in grades 3-12, CFA moves significantly closer to reaching the goal of empowering each student to develop academic passions and to excel as 21st century learners.