Bloom Sisters use Talent for Charity

The Bloom Sisters are at it again, says their mother, Cara Bloom.

In a previous column, we reported that Addie Bloom, now 13, and her sister, Stella Bloom, now 14, raised money in 2015 by making music to honor the memory of their grandfather, Irving Bloom. They sent a check for $327.01 to the American Cancer Society.

This time, their mother says, Addie picked a charity to help endangered animals, the World Wildlife Fund.

Addie explains their effort in an accompanying letter to the wildlife fund:

“This past year I committed to a Mitzvah Project of raising money for your important organization. I am 13 years old, and my sister, Stella, is 14.

“We both play the violin. We decided to use our musical talent to raise money for the World Wildlife Fund. Together we traveled to street fairs, carnivals, airports and busy sidewalks with our violins, fiddled for many hours and weekends, to collect contributions towards this worthy cause. We are huge animal lovers!

“Enclosed please find a check for $314 that we raised for the World Wildlife Foundation.”

{article by Will Jones, Star News Correspondent}