Cape Fear Academy Summer Internships a Success

This summer, several members of the Upper School student body participated in various businesses as interns. Senior Dennis Looney interned at Castle Branch, a local company that does employment screening, background checks and drug testing solutions to help businesses make safe and informed hiring decisions. His experience was very positive. “I learned a lot about the corporate business and the marketing aspect of the company. One project I did was to research the cultural aspect of business in the United Kingdom and make a presentation of my research in front of the Castle Branch board. If anyone is thinking about doing an internship, they should definitely consider it, because it was a great experience.” Brett Martin, founder and CEO of Castle Branch, was quite effusive in his praise of Dennis, saying, “He is an incredible young man…my executive team couldn’t stop talking about him.” 

Kaitlyn Evangelous was an intern at Coastal Carolina Veterinary Hospital. She said, “it was such a great experience because I got to see exactly what being a vet is like. Getting to see every aspect of the job really has prepared me on what to expect in the future.”  Kaitlyn’s said her internship was a valuable opportunity as she considers college and career plans.  Other internships were in the technology department of Cape Fear Academy, the post production department of Swirl Films, the marketing department of Queensboro Shirt Company, and the summer programs department of Cape Fear Academy.  Additional stories about these internships will follow in the weeks ahead.