CFA Family Featured in National News Story

On Monday, August 3, CFA’s own Bob and Laura Kellogg family were guests of President Obama at his nationally televised announcement about The Clean Power Plan.  Son, Camryn, a rising junior at CFA, stood beside the President throughout the ceremony.  (Their daughter, Chiara, will be joining our ninth grade this fall.)  Camryn and Chiara, along with their younger brother, suffer from severe asthma, and the whole family works as advocates for solutions for this health issue.  As a result of their work, they were chosen fora video created by the EPA and then asked to accompany the President when he announced this initiative.  

Please see this coverage by local news outlets for more information. 

WECT News Link            Starnewsonline Link

The CFA community congratulates the Kelloggs and is proud that they were recognized!