CFA Hosts International Author Alan November

Who owns the learning? That was the topic of discussion when Cape Fear Academy faculty and staff attended a professional development seminar on Aug. 5 with Alan November, an international leader in education technology and learning communities.

Prior to his arrival on campus, CFA faculty and staff read November’s book, “Who Owns the Learning: Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age.” They also had the opportunity to explore Perusall, an e-reader platform that allows students and faculty to annotate the assigned readings and engage the reading material in a style akin to social media posting. 

Alan November speaks to CFA faculty.

During the interactive sessions, teachers explored ways of designing instruction so that students contribute more meaningfully to their own learning. November also shared the “grammar of Google” to increase efficiency and specificity when looking for global, authentic sources. Online research tools like the WayBack Machine, the Right Question Institute, and Wolfram Alpha, were also explored. The WayBack Machine is an internet archive of every website since 1996, the Right Question Institute promotes rethinking questioning techniques, and WolframAlpha is a website of computational intelligence for a variety of topics in everyday life and academics.

Anna Knorr, CFA Class of 2022

During the opening session, Cape Fear Academy seniors Anna Knorr and Owen Johnson presented their experiences with using these new online tools after working with November. 

CFA English teacher Maureen Vanscoy helped coordinate November’s visit and said the day was beneficial in furthering the school’s mission. 

“Given CFA’s mission of growing every individual’s potential for success, working with Alan bolsters our ability to rethink our curriculum so that we can continue to engage students in understanding their own learning processes,” Vanscoy said.