CFA Students Win Big at YAG

Above: Cape Fear Academy’s Youth and Government (YAG) participants pose for a photo during the YMCA YAG Youth Legislature Conference in Raleigh, NC.

Cape Fear Academy Upper School students were elected and appointed to eight leadership positions during the annual YMCA Youth and Government (YAG) Youth Legislature Conference held in Raleigh, NC, from Feb. 14-17.

Of the eight Cape Fear Academy students awarded leadership positions, four were appointed and four were elected, including Governor Pearce Lewis ’20. This is the most leadership positions Cape Fear Academy has ever held at the same time. For the 2019-2020 YAG sessions a student from Cape Fear Academy will be in a leadership position in every program area that CFA participates in with YAG.

From left to right: Caroline Crumrine ’20 (Editor in Chief), Brooks Meine ’21 (Associate Justice), Amir Shaheen ’21 (Speaker of the House), McClain Adams ’22 Speaker of the Freshman Forum, Pearce Lewis ’20 (Governor).

Below is a full list of the state officers for 2019-2020:

Elected officers:
Pearce Lewis ’20: Youth Governor
Amir Shaheen ’21: Speaker of the House
Brooks Meine ’21: Associate Justice
McClain Adams ’22: Speaker of the Freshman Forum

Pearce Lewis ’20, who was elected the 2019-2020 YAG Youth Governor, speaks at the YAG Youth Legislator Conference in Raleigh on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Appointed Officers:
Caroline Crumrine ’20: Editor in Chief
Miller Dalton ’20 and Cooper Pate ’21: Media/Broadcast Editor
Alexandra Johnson ’21: Media/Print Editor

Statewide leadership positions held at this year’s conference:
Media: Broadcast Editor: Holt Robison (’19)
Media: Print Editor: Grace Ljung (’19)  
Speaker of the Freshman Forum: Amir Shaheen (’21)
Chaplain: Margaret Dill (’20)

Program area Leaders at this year’s conference:
Committee Chairs: Chiara Kellogg (’19), Caroline Broderick (’19), Pearce Lewis (’20), Tyler Smith (’20), Noah Durham (’21), Alden Forkin (’21)
Forum Clerk: William Dahl (’21)
House Clerk: Alden Forkin (’21)

Student Honored for their participation in their program area:
Model Media Member: Reed Seweyer (’19)
Showcase Winners: Court of Appeals: Brooks Meine (’21) and Evan Zhang (’21)

Students who had bills passed by House and Senate and signed by the Youth Governor:
Representatives Hope Gallop (’21), Alden Forkin (’21), and Maloy Basinger (’21): Senior Citizens License Renewal Examination
Representatives Laura Kate Lindstrom (’21) and Eve Morton (’21): Safe Transportation for Canines Act

Emergency Special Session: In the last two hours of sessions, student legislators were called together to simulate an Emergency Special Session. Students worked in assigned teams of 12 students to develop a proposal to address a deadly heat wave impacting the state. They had to consider state resources and emergency procedures to address the crisis. The top four teams (out of 57) were recognized for their proposal. CFA had a member on each team recognized.
Students include:
Thomas Cooke (’19), Michael Paul Mouton (’20), Abigail Smith (’20), Anders Ljung (’21), Hope Gallop (’21), JR Johnston (’21), Alden Forkin (’21) and Natasha Matt (’21)

Thank you to our US Faculty who attended the conference with our delegation:
Claire Bennett, Julie Capps, Rachel Hatfield, Teresa Lambe, Eric Miles, and Kwabene Williams

North Carolina YMCA Youth & Government’s goal is to promote leadership skills, character values and civic engagement in North Carolina’s teens. The programs is led by its motto, “Democracy must be learned by every generation” and is best known for its flagship programs: Youth Legislature (grades 9 – 12) and Middle School United Nations (grades 6 – 8).

The North Carolina YMCA Youth Legislature has been the state’s premier youth leadership and civic development program since 1993. Students experience government first-hand and learn how to solve community problems through the democratic process. They debate and discuss issues with their peers. Youth Legislature teaches the values of democracy by bringing together North Carolina high school students for a four-day, three-night conference in downtown Raleigh.