Esteemed Former Faculty Member Remembered

Dorothy (Dottie) Bishop, Middle School English teacher from 1990 to 1999, succumbed to multiple myeloma on March 2, 2016. ¬†Inducted as an Honorary Alumna, Class of 1999, the proclamation captured the essence of her teaching gift: “… she has shown an unfaltering belief in the goodness and even greatness of each of her students, even those who seemed the most reluctant to learn…has displayed a depth of knowledge and an enthusiasm for learning that has inspired her students to a greater love of poetry, Shakespeare, and all good literature … has readily given friendship to faculty and children with her bright smile and enthusiasm… has been a positive role model to her peers and her students, exemplifying behavior which will long stay with those whose lives she touched.”
The Cape Fear Academy community extends its deepest sympathy to the family.