Middle School Students Score in Top 25% in National Math Competition

70 middle school students from Honors Algebra 1 and Honors Geometry participated in the nationally recognized American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC8) in November. Of those, 11 were recognized for exceptional scores.

Tying for 1st Place:  Quaid Sutherland (7th), William Dahl (7th), Miles Lindstrom (8th), and Sesha Patel (8th)

Tying for 2nd Place:  Brooks Meine (7th) and Evan Zhang (7th)

Tying for 3rd Place:  Delilah Mills (7th), Cole Thibault (7th), Maya Arora (8th), Noah Durham (7th), and Anna Simmons (8th)

Along with being our school winners, these students also scored high enough to be in the top 25% of students nationally who participated – 150,000 students from 2,500 schools across the nation.  

Congratulations to our top scoring students!

First Place winners 

(FRONT) Quaid Sutherland (7th), William Dahl (7th) (BACK) Miles Lindstrom (8th), and Sesha Patel (8th)

math awards 2.jpg

Front:  Anna Simmons, Maya Arora, Delilah Mills, Miles Lindstrom

Back:  Sesha Patel, Quaid Sutherland, William Dahl, Brooks Meine, Noah Durham, Cole Thibault

Not pictured:  Evan Zhang