More than Words, Ep. 15

We Celebrate Granparents

Having so many grandparents on campus this week made me nostalgic for my childhood and the positive influence that my grandparents had on my development. Both of my parents worked, so growing up my sisters and I spent all summer with our grandparents. We learned so many valuable lessons, especially from our grandmothers. 

Grandma Wiggam taught us to work hard, even when the job wasn’t fun. She had us pick up apples in her yard, which we hated. Then she taught us how to make the best homemade applesauce. We learned to grow vegetables in her garden and then learned how to can and preserve everything so that we could enjoy our bounty during the cold winter months. One of her greatest gifts was teaching us how to cook without using a recipe. I swear she could take just about anything and turn it into the most delicious meal. 

At Grandma Rutledge’s house, we learned how to bake Swedish Tea Rings and yeast rolls. We learned how to grow roses and pick raspberries and cherries for making jam and pies. We spent time quilting, sewing projects for 4-H, and using all of her scraps for creating magical craft projects. 

Both of my grandmothers spent many hours just talking with us. We learned about our family histories and looked at black and white pictures of our ancestors. Many times it was easier to enlist them for help with our problems than it was to talk to our parents. I think that having already raised their children afforded them the room to be softer, have more patience, and be more open-minded.

Grandparents have such a unique relationship with their grandchildren. They are able to impart wisdom, instill traditions, and make memories with a legacy that will forever impact the lives of their grandchildren. We are so grateful for the influence that grandparents have on our students and for the time they have spent with us this week at CFA. 

Stephanie Medcalfe is the Lower School Director at Cape Fear Academy.
Stephanie and her husband moved to Wilmington from Indianapolis, Indiana where she was the Assistant Principal for Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. Stephanie has taught in both elementary and middle schools and has been a Special Educator. She graduated from Ball State University with a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.E. in Educational Administration. She is responsible for the Lower School Faculty and the After School Program.