NC Association of Independent School Honors Band Chooses Record Number of CFA Students

Cape Fear Academy is pleased to announce that thirty (30) students, the largest number ever selected from the school,  were chosen for the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools Honor Band this year.  This is also the highest number of students selected of any NCAIS school in the state.  These students will represent CFA by participating in a clinic and concert October 9-10 at Campbell University:

Middle School

Ramsay Trask
Adrian Jones

Libby Moore

Alyssa Callahan
Julia Allen
Annie Kane

Maya Arora

Henry Meyers

James Bowling

Reed Franck
Tyler Smith
Max Hall

Sara Meehan
Cole Frazier

Upper School
Rebecca Holden
Cecilia DeMoss

Jordan Caplanson-Torrens

Yasmine Henneke

Camryn Kellogg

Will Boggio

Jared Lowell

Ira Soltis

Ford Wright

Cole Boggio

Katherine Drew Marapese

Caroline Marapese

August Mills

Lee Jackson
Michael Meeks
George Austria