Seven CFA band members named First Chair

The North Carolina Association of Independent Schools (NCAIS) holds an Annual Honors Band Event each year for the best North Carolina musicians from private schools. This year’s event was held in Winston-Salem at Wake Forest University and 20 middle and upper school students from CFA attended.

Middle school and upper school students from across the state come and perform. There is a single band for each level, middle school and upper school. The event itself is not a competitive event but rather students compete prior to the event in order to be selected for placement within each band. Performers are assigned a chair, with some instruments having as many as 15 chairs in a section. A chair is equivalent to placing in a track and field event and being recognized as a First Chair in this event is equivalent to winning a state championship.

CFA had seven students selected for the First Chair, with another nine selected for either Second or Third Chair. Despite having fewer band students than some schools, CFA was the school with the most in the top three chairs. Congratulations to all who were chosen to perform and to the following students for placing in or at the top of each section:

1st Chair
Addie Bloom, Adrian Jones, Anna Holt Basinger, Georgia Allen, Laura Austria, Charlee Vliet, Ray McDonald

2nd Chair
Katie Meine, Jacob Borstad, James Johnson, Logan Rogers, Lane Durham, Will Lallathin

3rd Chair
Cameron Tait, Nash Riebe, Ben Kane