Shaheen Receives National Security Language Institute Youth Scholarship

Cape Fear Academy 11th grader Harry Shaheen, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Michael Shaheen, has been awarded a prestigious National Security Language Institute Youth (NSIL-Y) scholarship to spend his senior year studying Russian in Chisisnau, Moldova.

NSIL-Y scholarships are awarded annually by the US Department of State to less than 10% of applicants to study one of eight world languages deemed of highest importance to your national security. The program “emphasizes rapid language acquisition in an immersion environment through a combination of classroom language instruction and after school activities.”

Harry will live with a host family, attend a local high school, study traditional academic subjects, and spend three hours each day in a specialized Russian language program. He will return next May in time to receive his Cape Fear Academy diploma with this class. Most impressively, Harry met the program’s eligibility requirement by teaching himself introductory level Russian.

Left to right – Jamison Fee & Leigh Ann Hodges, Upper School Counselors, Harry Shaheen, and Eric Miles, Upper School Director