Upper School Students Pitch Startup at Cucalorus

CFA Upper School students Jack Yu (Class of 2020) and Mia Weckel (Class of 2021), were invited to attend the Cucalorus Festival’s Connect Conference on Friday, Nov. 15, to present their startup company, Wonder Water. The event was held downtown on stage at the Brooklyn Arts Center in front of over 100 entrepreneurs and investors.

Mia and Jack were the only high school students among 10 professional startup companies that were given 90 seconds to complete a Rocket Pitch of their business idea. Audience members were then given a chance to ask questions about the product or idea.

Everyone in the room quickly realized the value of Wonder Water, a smart home device that measures the time remaining for your hot water in the bath or shower, and investors approached them afterwards with reviews and advice to move forward with their idea. Jack and Mia showcased the innovative ideas that CFA students are capable of producing.